“A Greener Way to Clean.”

On average, a full-service car washes use between 8 and 45 gallons of water per vehicle. The average home wash with a hose and bucket can use more than 100 gallons.

What makes Cleaner Solutions a cleaner and greener option for car care?

  • Consumes as little as 1 gallon of water per car wash
  • Eliminates waste water
  • Provides Chemical-free sanitation
  • Removes, dirt, stains and grease
  • Deodorizes and sterilizes surfaces

Why is Cleaner Solutions a more convenient choice:

  • Our system is mobile, we come to you!
  • We can easily work at your personal residence or business
  • A Steam Clean system is low mess, but high results

Cleaner Solutions isn’t limited to just cars and trucks, our mobile system can handle Boats and Trailers as well.

We provide personal mobile car care, as well as corporate fleet washing.

Our steam system is also great for Grout and Tile cleaning.

If you’d like more information on pricing, please check our Services, or to reach us for a quote and appointment Contact Us.